Diverse business group meeting

Quality Services’ For Less

Though we offer similar service as local competition, we stand alone  in our determination, experience, and the relationships we build with our clients.  A get out of debt service should not place a consumer deeper in to dep’t!

Our services are exceptional and inexpensive.  We are a small family owned company which allows us to give you that personalized attention, and time that large firms do not.  DETS is passionate about helping our clients, we see you as individual, not numbers on a spreadsheets.  DETS is more than advice, we help You plan your future.

When our clients leave the office they are satisfied, knowing more about their taxes and their finances.  It is our commitment to teach our community how to raise the bar.  We want to help them reach their goals, dreams.  With hard work and determination anything is possible.  Don’t just exact great things make it happen.